Technical Reality

"High-Tech Solutions for the Interactive Age"

Since 1976 Technical Reality has consulted with dozens of travel and non-travel companies on a range of strategic, technological, and operational subjects.  These include worldwide organizations whose names you'll recognize, medium-sized and regional companies, and local businesses--each of which needed new insights and special experience and expertise.

Here is a brief list of the major areas where I have worked over the last several years:

Business Strategy

Where is your business headed? Are there still opportunities to compete or is it time to take up farming?  I can help you see your situation--strengths as well as weaknesses--as it really is and suggest affordable and effective strategies to create, protect, and enhance a business advantage.  I've helped many of the largest corporations in the world, as well as small businesses across the world, define products and services, and identify leading-edge customer services and products.

Strategic IT Initiatives

Take advantage of changes in technology, software, and hardware to deliver effective customer service, enhanced MIS, and sustainable business and service advantages. Develop a cost-effective and sustainable approach to modernizing your legacy systems.  Other key projects include:

  •  Maximizing Value from IT Investments
  •  Competitive Market Assessment of IT Product and Service Offerings
  •  Proprietary Product and System Evaluations
  • Technology Product and Vendor Selection
  • Service Differentiation Through Technology
  • Travel Electronic Commerce Strategy

How The Internet can realistically benefit travel suppliers and distributors, what actions should be taken now.  How fact is separated from fancy in this area. Insightful evaluations of service presentations, customer programs, graphic designs, and overall performance.

Electronic Commerce System Performance

Improving On-line Adoption Rates: Finding better ways to persuade customers to buy what you're selling: "Delivering What Customers Really Want To Buy"

Evaluating On-line Fulfillment Services: The key to effective online travel sales is connecting what happens on-line to the physical world. Understanding the services and support your customers really want and how these are best configured with on-line tools.

Operations Reviews

Many businesses operate below their real capacity.  Understand what structural, management, technological, or procedural changes can and should be made now to deliver superior financial results, improve customer retention and satisfaction, reduce costs, and provide sustainable competitive advantage.

Service Optimization

Delivering what the customer truly wants to buy is key to any service-intense business.   How should your business assets and expertise be organized to meet customer needs, what the market is really saying, and what competitive position is best adopted.

Product and Business Development

What lines of business make sense, in travel including commercial, leisure, incentive, or tour, and how must the business be positioned and organized to take advantage of available opportunities. What strategic and operational business and product relationships should be put in place to take best advantage of your opportunities?  How should these discussions be planned and conducted, and who are the key contacts?

Technology Projects

Whether the subject is evaluating new software, examining a new product or service, validating vendor claims, or simply gaining market intelligence, our over 30 years in technology generally and travel provides perspectives, insights, and market and competitive intelligence unavailable elsewhere.


Everyone Needs A Consultant

Large or small, there comes a time when you can benefit from an objective, informed, insightful view that can help keep things in perspective, highlight opportunities or concerns that you may not have considered, and provide insights into what your competitors and others in similar fields are doing. Among the hardest projects we ever undertake in business is to see things as they really are. A consultant can help you put challenges into perspective and bring the broader insights and skills you need just when you need them.

You need the best.  Not simply the biggest name or the consultant who speaks at the most conferences, but someone who has and can make a difference, who really understands your business and your concerns, and who is motivated to help.

We'll do whatever it takes to earn your trust. Here are a few of the companies Technical Reality's principal David Wardell has provided consulting services or other support to over the past several years.

Clients include corporations, trade associations and coalitions with a broad range of interests and responsibilities. Although our complete client list is confidential, a few companies include:

The Official Information Company
e-Travel, Inc.
DAC Services
Navigant International
Commonwealth Travel Group
Woodside International
Global Matrix
Carlson Companies
Trivest Partners, LLP
British Airways
United Airlines
Continental Airlines
Galileo International
Marriott International
Hilton Hotels
Choice Hotels
Paramount Pictures
Hogg Robinson
The Republic of Ireland
U.S. General Services Administration

David Wardell has created and managed operations, research, marketing, systems, and general strategic planning for many of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. His work is reflected in the successful programs of numerous multi-million dollar corporations and emerging firms worldwide.